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It Was All Too Complicated To Understand, part 3

The Lady and the Tiger, 11/07/1917

“The odds that your vote will actually affect the outcome of a given election are very, very, very slim.” – New York Times, “Why Vote” by Freakonomics authors Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt

Politicians understand the value of Over-Simplified Solutions for Over-Complicated Problems too.

Because of slim odds, a large segment of the voting age population doesn’t even bother to vote. Yet across the country, politicians would have us believe that the odds are not so slim that mobs of coordinated criminals would willingly line up to commit felonies and risk prison in the hope that their illegal vote could sway an election.

In my state of Wisconsin and in some other states, politicians sold a Voter ID Bill as the simple solution to the over-hyped problem of voter fraud, despite a near complete absence of cases of fraud that might have been thwarted by the bill.

There was no evidence that the problem actually existed. Laws already existed to address it, should it ever actually happen.

The real result is that politicians have managed to create an additional barrier, raising the bar to voting enough to allow 89% of the national population to easily clear it, potentially culling some 3.2 million Americans from election day polls.

This certainly simplifies things for the politicians. They now have fewer voters to bother with or care about.

Image – The Lady and the Tiger, 11/07/1917 by The U.S. National Archives, on Flickr

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