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Just sum it up please

Anyone who has written a serious college paper might feel insulted by Scott Walker’s published jobs plan. Weighing in at barely more than 1000 words, he used 58 point font to expand it to 68 pages, one page longer than the detailed jobs plan published by his opponent Tom Barrett. Walker then posted this puffed up piece to his campaign web page under the triumphant title of “Scott Walker’s 68 page jobs plan!”

If Walker thought that no one really cares about anyone’s job plan, he was right. It received barely a whisper in the press and I never heard anyone discuss it prior to the election.

As for those who would never dream of trying to inflate a sketch of a report or paper so blatantly, perhaps mocking you is part of Scott Walker’s appeal. Maybe the people who don’t like to write or read serious reports don’t like you either, but they do like Walker for expressing their disdain.

And as for Tom Barrett, maybe some Cliff’s Notes for your report would have helped.

Just sayin’.