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Loss and love

On Loss and Love, and the pain…

Everyone you know is represented in your mind as a construction that you created through your perceptions and thoughts about them. They connect to many things: your memories of their name, face, shape, style.

But your loved ones are special. They are wrapped in your memories and dreams, awash in emotions and meaning. It’s an impossible stew to undo.

Faced with their loss, your mind must inform all of those connections. Pools of emotion are released. Sometimes they flood you, sometimes they trickle or steam, but they won’t be held back completely once the barriers that hold them are punctured.

Pain comes as your mind severs connections to your dreams. The lost one’s part in all the dreams evaporates. The connections that once reached out to them lie exposed and raw, stinging like any physical nerve would. They ARE nerves. Feelings and perceptions flowed through them. Now they bathe in anguish.

Blessed are you if you still have other connections to other loved ones who can offer you comfort, extending lifelines that lift you up from drowning in the rushing tide of your loss. Blessed are you if you have nurtured loving connections to God.