Armed and Parenting


An informal scan of the Internet last weekend suggested that a whole lotta American parents have had it up to here!

A visibly frustrated dad who’d had his feelings stung by a secret Facebook post from his teen daughter had decided to teach her a lesson by shooting her laptop. He made a video of the lecture and subsequent laptop execution by firing squad of one.

The thing went viral and millions watched. Judging by the comments there was much applause and approval, so much approval that an unscientific survey garnered 74% thumbs up from about 93,000 respondents.

As usual with a quickyfix, there were unintended consequences – the police came to his door with a social worker, he’s gotten unwanted attention, people are harassing him on the Internet, and who knows what his employer thinks.

It doesn’t matter. Millions of frustrated American parents seemed to love his quickyfix approach.

Lacking any kind of formal parenting training, pressed to the limit by the demands of modern lifestyles, many parents fall back to an easy show of force over thoughtful consideration of what the child really needs, virtually guaranteeing that their problems will be temporarily driven into the shadows only to reemerge when the quickyfix breaks down.

Our society looks to formal education for driving, personal finance, and even to some degree for gun handling, but to suggest parenting classes can be considered an insult. And that’s too bad because our parents are frustrated and our kids deserve better.

4 responses to “Armed and Parenting

  1. It was very ironic to me that he punished his kid for posting something questionable on Facebook by posting something questionable on Facebook.

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