Choosing Life in a Distorted Reality Bubble

Funhouse mirror

Lies attract Liars.

I don’t see how it is possible for a person of integrity to respect a clearly dishonest or disingenuous argument. Worse, eventually all respect is lost for the person who is habitually disingenuous. The honest person withdraws from discussions.

The dishonest person is left to the company of those with lower standards for integrity.

This may in fact be very comforting to the dishonest. After all, who doesn’t like being validated? Slowly, reality distorts to suit vanity.

It can come as a horrible shock when outside reality forces an intrusion into this comforting space. The threat may trigger a fight or flight response. The group may have enough power to hold reality off but inevitably defenses crumble.

It’s just a matter of accumulating variables.

Image by Flickr profile hellomokona

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