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Reading Between The Lines: NY Times

Stuff I Read In The New York Times

Food Industry fights back in the battle for healthy food, creates a label calling sugar, fat, sodium “Smart”.
(For Your Health, Froot Loops)

Wall Street Innovates a New Way to Reach Out and Harvest Your Savings.
(Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance)

Boeing Throws a Big Project over the Wall, Gets Broken Wings in Return.
(A Dream Interrupted at Boeing)
Comment: Isn’t engineering and design a key strength at Boeing? Why would they outsource that?

Some Good Advice for Freshmen, Take a Composition Course! Stanley Fish says that if you can’t write a clean English sentence, “…you can’t do anything.”
(The Hunt for a Good Teacher)
Comment:Spoken like a writer and of course I agree. I could easily have gotten out of the freshman composition class but it was well worth the investment. Please. Forget that you think you can write and your high school teachers said you could too. Swallow your pride. Take the course.

Released CIA documents support FBI agent’s claim that Osama Bin Laden is still Free Because of Torture.
(What Torture Never Told Us)

The New York Times Editors Don’t Seem to Know What Socialism Is, Either.
(Respect Your Children)

In Case You Haven’t Already Figured This Out, Rising Health Care Costs Hold Wages and Jobs Down.
(Let’s Get Fundamental)
Comment: Guess what? If your employer can’t afford the health premiums for you, welcome to the Great LayOff. If your employer can cover them but then can’t afford to give you a raise, then you don’t get a raise. Welcome to Reality!

No Surprise: One Of the Kidnapping Couple Is Described As Likable, Kind, Caring.
(Few Clues to Puzzle of Suspect in Abduction)
Comment: Folie a deux

Amazon Thinks College Students Want To Pay More For Textbooks
(Texting? No, Just Trying To Read Chapter 6)

Nanny Robots Build Emotional Ties With Children, Useful For Nagging Them To Brush Their Teeth.
(Gadgets Now The Target of Marketing for the Ages)

Amazon: Sorry We Snuck Into Your Libraries and Took Your Books. We Thought You Couldn’t Mind.
( Offers To Replace Copies of Orwell Book)

Pour On The Coal! Pollution May Be Saving Us From An ICE AGE.
(Global Warming Could Forestall Ice Age)